Christchurch Cathedral after the 2011 Earthquake

Christchurch Cathedral after the 2011 Earthquake

This the great question… Why make a film? Why make anything? Sure we make stuff because we are creative, whether it be a cake, a table or a work of art. But when it's just that– just something that we made, that we created and nothing more– Its empty. It lacks something. We all want something more.

The idea for movie “Trust” came from well…just that – trust…

I will talk more about the message of this film in the video posts over the coming weeks and months and the message is also not only in the fabric of the story of the film but also in a mini book called ‘ Act of God’…but before we get into all of this I want to start at the beginning…

I don't know about you, but I think that life is tough and sometimes it's unfair and just down right cruel. We turn on the TV, check out Facebook and it seems that either everyone is better off than me or they are going through stuff that breaks my heart…

My last feature film THE HOLY ROLLER was a big achievement in itself. Just making a film is not easy. As someone once said – ‘films are not made – they are FORCED into existence’ and that pretty much sums it up. Whilst we were in post production on the film I lost my mother– she passed away in a Hospice after years of battling the degenerative disease of Multiple Sclerosis. Then there was the Christchurch Earthquake– something that unless you go through you have know idea what it's like. The Holy Roller was the last film shot in Christchurch New Zealand prior to the earthquake that destroyed about %80 of the town and the loss of life of 185 people, most from the CTV building in which we filmed months earlier. Then there was 6,800 injuries and on top of that the mental health issues that go on today…it was a tough time and to make things worse 11 months from my mum's passing and just a week after the quake my father passed away-both suddenly…

When things seem to happen and then happen and then happen some more (and I am not talking about the good things)…we slowly erode our trust in the loving God who is our Father. I’ll be honest with you, when the quakes hit, I didn’t pray… I didn’t really think He could do much… I didn’t really trust Him. In fact, I did what most of us do and did what I could to get by.

I really didn’t understand it all, but then one day I was reading the kids bible that my son had and it showed a picture of the earthquake opening up the prison doors for Paul (Acts 16:26).

Even though at the time it didn’t make any sense– and I felt pretty much alone in it all– there was a plan in this. No, God didn’t cause the quakes... this is the fallen nature of this world. BUT God does use these things that are intended for harm and turns them on their heads.
God had a plan in all of this and He has led me on a journey to where I am today. During that time I didn’t trust God, but looking back I realise I should have just trusted God in the storms (or earthquakes) of life.

This led to the Acts of God book and the idea of 'how do we get this trust back?,' because well, even though I could see God was doing something, my trust was buried under the rubble… 'How do I really get it all back?' 'How do I get back to having trust again, like I once did?'

I began to press into God and slowly these concepts developed…the idea of creating a list of things God has done, as opposed to looking at everything we feel he hasn’t done.

But then it led to the question of the CUP?

- Angus